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I was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia in the mid 80’s, studied art and graphic design in Bogotá, together with film production and  art direction in Cuba and Argentina.

I started my working career around 2009 in a couple of advertising agencies in Bogotá and Buenos Aires. Always working on the side on my own arts and crafts projects - my childhood was very influenced by the figure of my grandparents.- I was always in awe of the things that they used to create.


Later, somehow I ended up working in an production company in Bogotá as a graphic designer and then there, I had the opportunity to sneak in to the filming sets of commercial spots and start making baby steps in the art department.


My favorite part of working in the art department is the Props. I have a huge passion for objects and also love the way you can shape a character with their belongings and the items that they interact with. I enjoy very much being on set and also on the workshop making things with my hands.


I’m currently living and working freelance in Barcelona, open to work worldwide.

Concept artist amateur.

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